SohosOs - SohoOs takes you money with the system is broken.

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I set up and account on (an online business communication service), however the system would not connect my calls.After spending and hour on chat with the support, I was told there is a bug in the system and they are getting lots of complaints.

So, that tells you what this company is all about, takes your money and your time but does not deliver. Then they had the gall to tell me I could not get a refund without going to an illegibility review to see if I qualified for a refund. This company has some serious customer attitudes. What happened to actually want to serve your customers.

They acted like they were doing me a favor.I will get my refund.

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My name is Remy Levi, and I am Head of the support department at SohoOS.

I have read your personal complaint on (XXXSITE NAME), and wanted to address it. However, I cant find any contact details on your post.

In order to resolve your issue, can you kindly send me an email at , to the attention of Remy Levi. Please mention your business name and user name.

Your case will be handled with the highest priority as I will take care of it personally .

Thank you and all the best,



from my time spending on this system ,i had nothing like you mention in the review i upload all my files in the system and instantly the system started to work for me.

i sending now each day invoices,sms,and faxing and i had no such experience........


I have to say that I had a completely different experience with this company.I opened an account with them a few months back and imported all my data into their system.

Afterwards I had a chat with their support representative who was very helpful (some guy called Steve).

I decided to give their communication feature a try and it works like a charm.They were very helpful and I got great service.

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